Esteemed Brands is a master distributor of cosmetics, health & beauty care, salon & professional brands. The company was conceived in response to the realization that European cosmetics and toiletries, as well as those manufactured in the United States, were lacking in the markets handled by Esteemed Brands. Esteemed Brands effectively has fulfilled this niche market. Since its inception, the company has represented, and continues to represent, numerous manufacturers. Esteemed Brands has a strong network of long-time, well-established distributors in the markets it covers, and is constantly building upon its ever-growing network.

The owners of Esteemed Brands have over 40 years of combined experience in the cosmetics and toiletries distribution business, and have successfully represented many suppliers over the years. Indeed, the company takes great pride in working closely with its suppliers to ensure that their brands and product lines are always well represented, and that their products continuously maintain their quality, image, and success. In short, the strength of Esteemed Brands lies in its excellent client relationships, efficiency in its operations, its long-term vision, and its ability to build brands.